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The Three Rs: Recognize, Realize, and Reconciliation

August 15 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

From the first contact with the European invaders Indigenous reproductive systems, matrilineal, and multi-gendered ways have been systematically attacked with attempts to dismantle our traditions through over 500 years of on-going genocide.  As a result, Indigenous people continue to face erasure, misclassification, and violence often unbeknownst to the non-Native people living on our lands. It’s crucial for Indigenous people to be recognized and honored if we are ever able to have reproductive justice and sexual freedom. Our day-long institute covers a myriad of topics such as the crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirits, environmental justice, healthcare disparities, theft of our children, and what decolonization and tribal sovereignty look like. We’ll educate attendees through the ceremony, panels, presentations, artwork, and even a special skit written for the day.

Just as there isn’t a static Indigenous experience, our institute includes the diverse voices of Indigenous people. We live in urban centers, reserves, reservations, tribal villages, rancherías, and allotment land across the so-called Americas. Some of us have tribal citizenship while others are unenrolled or non-status. We speak many languages from beginner levels to native speakers of our colonizers’ and our traditional languages. Our diversity of gender identities, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and age groups from our youth to elders will be represented. While we come from vastly different backgrounds the richness of our diversity and our struggles, beauty, and resiliency as Indigenous people the world over will be shared with all who attend our institute.