Human Rights Commissions

The purpose of a Human Rights Commission is to investigate, promote or protect human rights. Woodhull’s Human Rights Commissions will center on a specific issue, identity, or community in the Sexual Freedom Movement. The intention of the Commissions, in addition to investigating Human Rights violations, will be to highlight the strong connections between the various communities by ensuring a diversity of voices at the table. Further, testimony will include commentary on specific measures to correct these violations.

Sex workers in Oregon organized the inaugural Human Rights Commission focused exclusively on sex work and decriminalization. That Commission was the inspiration for Woodhull’s Human Rights Commissions.

Future Commissions will be held with decriminalization and other issues at the center of the conversation, i.e. reproductive rights, censorship, and healthcare, to name a few. Every Commission will have testimony from a wide, diverse range of communities that includes and prioritizes the voices of marginalized people.

From the comments of Ricci Levy: “Our fundamental human right to sexual freedom means that we have a right to bodily autonomy. This means we decide how to use our bodies. This includes labor, sex, and the myriad ways these issues intersect.”

It’s time to bring the diverse voices from our communities together in strategic conversations about what policies, legislation, and programs will create the change that has to happen.


Stay informed and watch for our big announcement on December 17th.