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It’s time to bring the diverse voices from our communities together in strategic conversations about what policies, legislation, and programs will create the change that has to happen, and we have a plan to do just that!

A human rights commission, also known as a human relations commission, is a body set up to investigate, promote or protect human rights. The term may refer to international, national, or subnational bodies set up for this purpose, such as national human rights institutions or truth and reconciliation commissions. At Woodhull, we are taking human rights commissions on the road through events centered around different topics throughout the country.

We will be convening a space for community members to testify about their lived experiences in front of local legislators, researchers, community leaders, and other community members. As a human rights organization, we believe that these events are powerful tools to ensure that our human rights are recognized and enforced by the people with the power to do so.

Sex workers in Oregon organized a human rights commission focused exclusively on sex work and decriminalization. That was the inspiration for Woodhull’s Human Rights Commissions (WHRC).

Last Commission

Fact or Fiction: Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl (Cancelled)

Fact or Fiction: Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl began as an in-person event in Los Angeles on February 10th – Super Bowl week. Because of COVID and our concern about keeping people safe, we tried to move this Human Rights Commission to a virtual event. We quickly came to realize that we could not pivot and shift all of the wonderful participants and elements of the program to a virtual event in time for the February 10th event, and so we made the difficult decision to postpone the Super Bowl event until 2023 (we’ll see you live in Phoenix!).

More Information

Every Human Has Rights

Illustration of multiple hands with different skin tones holding a sign that reads “Every Human Has Rights”

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