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The Entrapment and Harassment of LGTBQ People

February 18, 2023
9:00 am PST

San Francisco, CA

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Entrapment and harassment of gay and bi men, trans people, and sex workers by law enforcement continue to be widespread in all parts of the country. These civil and human rights violations devastate individuals and their families but rarely receive public attention due to media and community bias, stigma, and victim blaming. During this session, you will hear testimony from victims of these egregious practices and from experts and policymakers who have fought these violations through litigation and legislation. Attendees will engage in facilitated explorations of how various communities are forced to endure these abuses, and how to confront and defeat them in ways that can be used in their communities and lives.

Photo of the Speakers at the Human Rights Commission

Four panelists sit in front of a table with a Woodhull's Human Rights Commissions tablecloth. Ricci Levy stands a podium and speaks. There is an ASL interpreter in to the right of the speakers. ()

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