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Photo of Luisa Rivera
A headshot featuring Luisa Rivera. Luisa looks a the camera and smiles with closed lips. She has brown curly long hair and wears a black top.

Luisa Rivera


Luisa Rivera is a Mexican-born Spanish-speaking immigrant rights activist and trans-Latinx sex worker activist who staunchly advocates for her Latinx/LGBTQIA+ community. She takes pride in leading Marcha de las putas SF. This group provides visibility to the Latinx and LGBTQIA Sex Workers community in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.

In addition, she is the Founder & Executive Director of “Voces” She serves as Policy & Education co-chair for the HIV Advocacy Network (HAN), a grassroots LGBTQ & HIV activist group in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 700 members who advocate for funding-related services for her community, including sex workers. She is also a member of the Decriminalize Sex Work California Coalition. She has supported extensively throughout the US, including in California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada and internationally in Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, and Guatemala in Central America. She is well known for her commitment to working for the Trans Latina sex worker and HIV communities.

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