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Celebrating Two Decades of Progress!

Welcome to our journey through the past twenty years at Woodhull Freedom Foundation, where dedication, resilience, and progress have shaped our commitment to safeguarding our fundamental human right to sexual freedom. Join us as we reflect on key milestones that mark our evolution and tireless efforts to create a more inclusive and just world.

As we celebrate two decades of progress, we acknowledge that the journey is ongoing. Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting and promoting fundamental human rights, ensuring that everyone can exercise their right to sexual freedom without fear or discrimination.

Join us in commemorating our past, celebrating our present,
and envisioning a future where human rights are universally respected and upheld.

May 2018

Participated in Columbia University’s Human Rights Institute Gathering

April 2018

Hosted Second Sexual Freedom Town Hall in Atlanta

October 2017

Hosted First Sexual Freedom Town Hall in Philadelphia

February 2017

Woodhull’s President and CEO, Ricci Levy, Elected Chairpersonship of the U.S. Human Human Rights Network Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group

September 2010

Hosted Inaugural Sexual Freedom Summit

July 2008

Founded Affiliate Woodhull Group in New Orleans

April 2008

Granted 501(c)(3/(c)(4) Status

August 2007

Participated in Sex Workers Rights Conference

February 2003

Creation of Woodhull Freedom Foundation

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