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Statement by Ricci Levy, President & CEO on The “Respect for Marriage Act”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — July 26, 2022 — Washington, DC

(Washington, D.C. / July 26, 2022) The following can be attributed to Ricci Levy, President and CEO, Woodhull Freedom Foundation:

At a time when powerful voices on the right are openly advocating for the reversal of Supreme Court precedents such as Obergefell v Hodges which guaranteed a right to same-sex marriage, and Lawrence v Texas, which guaranteed the privacy of our bedrooms, Woodhull Freedom Foundation calls on our Senators to vote this week in favor of the Respect for Marriage Act and write these protections for family and the privacy of our homes into federal law.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade was a brutal assault on bodily autonomy and reproductive rights and has opened the door for multiple challenges to our right to privacy, including the right to contraception, the right to consensual sexual behavior, and the right to marriage. The Woodhull Freedom Foundation was founded on the principle that sexual rights are human rights and that these rights should be protected by our government. 

Woodhull calls on our Senators to join their colleagues in the House, who recently passed the companion legislation, and vote in support of the Respect for Marriage Act In doing so, Congress can act to not only preserve protections supported by the vast majority of Americans, but it can also signal that it will not stand for the recent wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, censorship, and hate.

Please join me in calling your Senators’ offices and asking them to show their respect for our human right to family by voting YES on the Respect for Marriage Act.



Headquartered in Washington DC, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to change laws, policies, and practices across a range of issues that deny or threaten people’s fundamental human right to sexual freedom.


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