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Making Sense of Sex: an exciting new collaborative project!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — February 27, 2012 — Washington, DC

Woodhull is pleased and excited to announce the launch of  “MAKING SENSE OF SEX” – a series of interviews with experts in the sex industry, including performers, educators and activists.

These videos have been created as part of the cinematic-theatre show, Sex Crimes Cabaret, which navigates amazing but true sexual legislation, taboos and history.  The show is comprised of sketches, music segments, documentary pieces and random performance art fueled by carefully researched laws and their effects on people.

The documentary portion in the show only features short clips of these interviews.  However, they proved so interesting that they have now spawned a series of complete conversations.  MAKING SENSE OF SEX is now a separate collaboration between The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance and Sex Crimes Cabaret.

As Woodhull envisions “a world that recognizes sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals” in their mission statement, Sex Crimes Cabaret sets out to increase awareness of this ideal via theatrical devices.  Working together simply makes sense.

In a world where sexuality as a basic human right is deeply in question, the series often touches on “why is sex considered so dangerous?” especially when it’s such a normal, biological function.  Our experts share their perspectives in these candid talks and make sense of much of the confusion.

The interviewer, Diana Adams, is an attorney advocating for non-traditional families. In her New York practice as an LGBT lawyer mediator, she assists in the creation of stable intentional family agreements, and represents parents who are polyamorous, kinky or otherwise non-traditional in child custody disputes. She’s a legal activist for alternatives to marriage and the rights of sexual minorities, and serves on the Advisory Council of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.  As someone who specializes in sexual civil rights, she is especially suited for the task as our correspondent in the field.

The creator of Sex Crimes Cabaret is Gabrielle Penabaz, multi-media artist, writer and performer.


Media Contact

Ricci Levy
President & CEO
[email protected]

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