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Woodhull Responds to “Morality” in the Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — October 7, 2011 — Washington, DC

According to an article in Deseret News, “Morality” in the Media wants to know if Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, Jr. would prosecute “porn.”

“Pornography” is a word fraught with heat and shame.  Add “hard core” and it becomes explosive.  The danger in crusades to prosecute alleged instances of “hard core porn” is that they rail against a  bogeyman, an imaginary scourge.  Truly dangerous and dreadful materials that traffic in violence or child exploitation are routinely and aggressively prosecuted, as they should be, contrary to claims otherwise. Justice Department resourses should not be diverted into pursuing criminal charges against mainstream adult content producers who are making popular, broadly-accepted adult fare.· Morality in Media, and their cohorts, are really afraid of any erotic material that may stimulate and satisfy normal desires of healthy adults. Furthermore, the prosecutions they demand would violate the First Amendment

So-called “dangerous” but legal erotic material is a red herring in the context of presidential politics. Further it is a cynical and disingenuous wedge issue brought on by those who feign moral rectitude while tolerating policies that create further homelessness, poverty and economic suffering —- the real problems in Americans’ lives. This is all about pandering to the interests of the “family values” voter groups. Prosecuting adult material produced for adults is a waste of scant judicial resources in a time when revenues are down. The Justice Department must be very selective in the cases it pursues.

It is astounding that in the 21st Century we still lock people up in cages for making movies depicting adult sexual fantasies. Let’s not be distracted from the business of ending misery by seeking a prohibition of pleasure. Pleasure is, after all, in short supply for many of us these days. We should be encouraging its pursuit.

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