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The Tsunami of Sexual Repression

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — November 10, 2022 — Washington, DC

While the midterms showed signs of hope — reproductive rights amendments passing nationwide, and an incredible turnout for those who support it— we only expect the growing attacks on sex and sexuality to intensify.

Last night showed that this is a battle we can win, but only if we continue to fight!

No matter how the remaining races play out, the violent demonization of the trans community, the wholesale censoring of LGBTQ+ identity, and the criminalization of reproductive care are now the core tenets of the Republican party platform. From the House to state houses to school boards, politicians are celebrating and encouraging harassment against scientists, doctors and teachers — and preaching violence against those who do not conform.

Republicans have already promised to introduce bills that would strip away our rights, such as:

  • The Life Begins at Conception Act, which outlaws abortion nationwide
  • The Protect Children’s Innocence, which makes gender-affirming care a felony
  • A federal “Don’t Say Gay” bill that censors schools, libraries and other publicly funded institutions for discussing LGBTQ+ issues

These bills go beyond ideology or politics. These laws strike at our fundamental rights as humans! Attacks and suppression of sexual rights have always been integral to fascism, and we should regard the growing wave of repression in service of that agenda. Remember, the Nazis kicked off their infamous book burning campaign with the public destruction of Magnus Hirschfeld’s groundbreaking Institute for Sex Research.

That the Nazis used a center for sexuality — and a pioneer in gender confirmation surgery — as their first target was no accident. That the right is targeting these issues again today is no coincidence.

The defense of sexual rights — the right to sexual expression, healthcare, self-determination, bodily autonomy and pleasure — has to be central to our fight. This battle can’t be won by holding our tongue on difficult issues or sacrificing allies. Every act of repression must be met with an equally strong and uncompromising defense of personal dignity.

Woodhull is the only national advocacy organization entirely dedicated to the defense of sexual rights. From our constitutional challenge to the censorship of FOSTA to our grassroots work organizing the next generation of advocates, Woodhull is on the frontline of this fight.


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