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D.C. Recognizes Sexual Freedom, Honors Woodhull

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — October 19, 2011 — Washington, DC

On Sexual Freedom Day, September 23, 2011, the Council of the District of Columbia issued a proclamation citing the “significant and valued contributions to the human rights of the residents of the District of Columbia” of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

The resolution came during the annual Sexual Freedom Day, which featured the annual presentation of Vicki Awards to advocates of Woodhull’s mission to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

The resolution cited Woodhull’s work with various organizations, including the United Nations; and its publication of the annual report State of Sexual Freedom in the United States, which assesses progress and challenges in efforts to protect sexual freedom and activity. The Council also declared September 23 as “Sexual Freedom Day” in our nation’s capitol. The resolution referred to Woodhull as a “hub for scholarship, writing, information, and action for sexual freedom and all the rights encompassed therein,” and its “tireless advocacy” of its mission.

“This recognition of Woodhull’s work by the D.C. Council is a great source of pride, especially since Woodhull is headquartered in Washington and because so much advocacy work takes place here,” said Ricci Levy, Executive Director of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. “We are always excited when our work is appreciated, but the resolution is particularly meaningful because it comes from such an important legislative body. It represents, in a very real sense, community notice and pride.

It’s significant that the D.C. Council also recognizes that sexual freedom and autonomy are fundamental human rights. Every American should feel recognized and supported by this resolution. We are delighted to accept it on behalf of all Americans.”

We will take this recognition as an encouragement to continue our important work advocating for the civil rights of all Americans in the realm of sexual expression, sexual health, and sex education.


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