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Sexual Freedom in the Age of Trump and Summit Closing

Sexual rights are being rolled back on a regular basis by a juggernaut of right-wing (and a few bipartisan) attacks on our most fundamental human rights. The Trump administration and this congress have made policy changes that harm refugees and immigrants, undermined police accountability for abuse, rolled back women’s rights including access to important health services, and put sex workers at greater risk of violence and abuse.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the onslaught, but this roundtable will focus on a positive message: We can fight back and we can win. Join experienced and talented activists, policy gurus and movement leaders for a discussion about where we are, what’s still at risk, and how we can take back control.

We’ll end the 2018 Sexual Freedom Summit on a high note, inspiring each other and identifying and sharing the tools needed to create change and build a brighter future.

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