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The Censorship of Sexual Freedom

August 4, 2022
2:00 pm ET

Alexandria, VA

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Censorship is everywhere – and almost all of it is aimed squarely at sexual expression. Limiting our access to and enjoyment of sexual freedom is a fundamental human rights violation that affects every one. That’s why Woodhull’s Human Rights Commission at #SFS22 will focus on the impact of censorship on individuals, highlighting opportunities for cross-movement strategies to push back against the growing tide of laws and policies. Testimony will come from healthcare providers, museum curators, librarians, and from a young person directly impacted by Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The Censorship of Sexual Freedom Witnesses

Photo of the witnesses for The Censorship of Sexual Freedom. Ricci Levy stands at a podium on stage at the Sexual Freedom Summit. Behind Ricci, from left to right sit, Lotus Lain, Martha Hickson, Zander Moricz and Amanda Pasciucco.An ASL interpreter sits in another frame to the left of the panel. The Woodhull Human Rights Commission logo is in the bottom left hand corner. ()

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