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20 Things You Can Do to Resist Trump (and counting…)

February 3, 2017

Since the election of President Donald Trump, Woodhull Freedom Foundation has been preparing for inevitable attacks of freedoms, persecutions of human beings and erosion of rights. We have compiled a list of 20 things (and counting…) that folks can do to resist Trump and his administration. These actions are inspired by the actions of our board members, staff and allies – we hope they inspire you, too!

What have you been doing to resist Trump? Leave a comment 0r find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We want to hear from you!

1. Get to know your elected officials and contact them via phone or email them every time you learn about a troubling bill under consideration or an action being taken. Not sure who represents you? Find out here or check out this list of state senatorsStay up to day on actions by signing up through the Woodhull Freedom Foundation e-list.

Check out the “Shy Person’s Guide to Calling Representatives” for some great tips.

2. Not a phone person? Visit your elected officials in person, or go with a group. Check out and get alerts for group visits every Tuesday all over the country.

3. Do you live in a Sanctuary City? Sanctuary cities – as well as sanctuary schools – have policies to protect immigrants from deportation, discrimination and other human rights violations. Sanctuary cities are safer for all residents. Learn more about sanctuary cities here and educate your community on their importance.

4. Join organizing efforts by  immigrant communities. Immigrants and refugees are being targeted by the Trump Administration – and are fighting back. Here are a few organizations where you can learn more about immigrant rights as well as take action:

CAIR Coalition (Washington D.C. and Nationwide)

Make the Road (New York City)

ACLU (Nationwide)

Define American (Nationwide)

5. Read news, blogs and other texts that keep you informed and up-to-date. Here are a list of some of our favorites. Tweet yours to @WoodhullSFS




NY Times Politics Newsletter

Washington Post Newsletter



Reading Lists:

Black Lives Matter Syllabus

How to Teach Kids About What’s Happening in Ferguson

A Reading List for the Revolution from AutoStraddle  

6. Breathe.


7. Join us at the Sexual Freedom Summit. Submit a Workshop Proposal to share your solutions, address pending challenges, offer opportunities for collaboration, and build alliances in the realm of sexual freedom.

8. Be Indivisible (like our Human Rights!)! Check out the, a toolkit assembled by former congressional staffers on how to resist the Trump Agenda.

9. Discuss your hopes and fears with trusted friends, family members, partners, colleagues and neighbors.

10. Audre Lorde famously said: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Practice self-care. Check out self care ideas here. What are your favorites?

11. Share stories of survival and resistance. Check out and remember how strong the LGBTQ community is.

12. If you trust your elected officials are already standing up for human rights, check in with relatives and friends in more strategic localities and ask how you can help them shift the balance of power in their states.

13. Celebrate 100 days of kindness with GLSEN

14. Educate yourself on past movements for human rights and freedom:

Gay Liberation Front


Combahee River Collective


15. Have a Party! Postcard writing parties can be an fun and easy way to contact representatives. One issue per card! Postcards can to go the President Trump, Paul Ryan, GOP Congresspersons or your own Congress people. You can get contact information here.

16. Tweet your opinions to @TheWhiteHouse or members of the 115th congress.

17. Know your rights. Check out information from the ALCU, Get Yr Rights, and the National Lawyers Guild.

18. Did we mention contacting your elected officials – you’re right we did. 5 Calls makes this easy for issues that are most important to you.

19. Protect Planned Parenthood from being defunded. Learn more from this video and on Facebook.

20. Protest! Consider joining some of the ongoing protests, marches and rallies against Trump’s policies. A list of nationwide protests against the Muslim Ban can be found at Think Progress. Check out #Disrupt J20 for more information about direct actions.

We will continue updating this list as we hear from you.

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