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Chased Out By Chase?

May 8, 2014

Have you been chased as a customer of Chase Bank??

If you’re involved in the adult entertainment industry and you’ve been denied services, had your bank account closed, by JP Morgan Chase, we want to hear from you.

And we’ve let JP Morgan Chase hear from us!  Woodhull has written to JP Morgan Chase and two of their affiliate programs, Southwest Airlines and Amtrak, demanding a stop to what is clearly discrimination against the adult entertainment industry.  To make matters worse, this discrimination may be at the behest of the Department of Justice, under a secret program called Operation Choke Hold.  At Woodhull, we strongly believe that adult entertainment is a legal business, protected by the First Amendment.  It involves the expression of the fundamental right to sexual expression. Neither Chase Bank, nor the federal government, have the right to discriminate against adult industry performers or businesses.

So don’t forget – if you’re in the adult entertainment industry as a performer, laborer, vendor, manufacturer, producer….any role at all….and you’ve been denied services or had your account close by JP Morgan Chase or other bank, please email us at chase[at]woodhullalliance[dot]org.  Be sure to include copies of relevant documents, including any correspondence with the bank, your position in the adult industry, and and your contact information.  Feel free to redact any sensitive information like bank account numbers or social security numbers.  Our goal is to call attention to this reprehensible conduct and explore any available remedies for affected customers.

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