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Spoiler Alert: Attack of T-shirts False Alarm

Seven Attorneys General recently sent a letter to Target where they wrapped the bogus blanket of “protect the children” around the attempt to prevent the retailer from selling any merchandise at all that displays anything related to Pride or to…

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Sex & Censorship

Sex is inextricable from a true understanding of the digital age. Or, as Camille Sojit Pejcha puts it, the “internet as we know it wouldn’t exist without sex.” This dialogue between the internet and sex is the very focus of…

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Woodhull Testimony Tells it Like it is

Woodhull is pleased to announce that Maryland repealed the Unnatural or Perverted Sexual Practice Act (HBO131 and SB0054). This repeal is a victory for the human right to sexual freedom, and we applaud their actions. We submitted testimony in February,…

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Sanctuary Libraries

In September 2022, the Chicago Public Library declared itself a “sanctuary for endangered stories,” i.e., dedicated to establishing “Book Sanctuaries.” Following Chicago’s lead, in January 2023, Stamford, Connecticut became the state’s first sanctuary library. Surely, these developments in Chicago and…

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Censorship in Iowa

On May 26, 2023, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed S.F. 496, codifying draconian censorship into law. Now, Iowans face state-sanctioned censorship in schools, and the risks cannot be overstated. The Human Rights Campaign calls S.F. 496 Iowa’s version of “Don’t…

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