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Good Riddance to New Hampshire’s “Banned Concepts” Law

  • Wendy Stanga

Late this May, a federal court ruling struck down New Hampshire’s classroom censorship law, known as a “banned concepts” law. The law identified concepts that teachers couldn’t teach students, all centered on critical topics like gender, sexual orientation, and race.…

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Photo of advocates at Decrim NY Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day Reflections

  • Mandy Salley

Legislative advocacy can feel like shouting into the void. Endless letters and statements answered by generic emails from Legislators and their staffers, followed by anxiously waiting for the result of a floor vote, can negatively affect morale and motivation. I…

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Improving Access to Gender-Affirming Care in Hawaii

  • Mandy Salley

Getting gender-affirming care in the United States has become increasingly difficult. Across the country, there are laws or policies banning such care for minors. The Human Rights Campaign reports that an estimated 35.1% of trans youth aged 13-17 are living…

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