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First Forbidden Words. Next, Forbidden People!

December 16, 2017

In yet another disastrous display of the true agenda of the trump administration seven words were listed as “forbidden” for use by the Center for Disease Control.

Vulnerable, Entitlement, Diversity, Transgender, Fetus, Evidence-Based, Science-Based

Take a moment to think about the list and the people, the communities, the issues represented in that list and then please, make a donation to help us fight this war where the battles are waged around our most fundamental human rights.


Sexual freedom is a fundamental human right, and we’re talking about a systematic roll back of those rights that must be stopped NOW.

Already there have been hundreds of ways this administration is harming women and familiesBy rolling back LGBT rights and protections, loading the judiciary with unqualified candidates who will enforce their harmful policies already solidly in place, the exclusion of these words is representative of systematic erasure of whole groups of people.

Language is powerful. Statistics are powerful. If groups are excluded from data because there is no language to include them, we risk losing the funds and services available for those who need them most.

We can’t fight these battles alone, and we can’t fight them without your support. Making a donation today, whether you are a first time donor or have given before, strengthens our cause. We can not be silent in times like these. So let’s stand up, stand together, and tell this administration we will not tolerate these abuses.


LGBTQ Trans & GNC Women


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