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picture of Rep. Steve Demetriou (R)

Age Verification Comes to Ohio

Age verification methods, purported to protect minors from viewing what is described as harmful material found online, are being proposed in states across the country. If these measures pass, they will impact minors and adults who will have to verify…

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Our Right to Contraception and Our Right to Privacy

Attorney Jonathan Mitchell is dedicated to eroding our human rights. He’s the architect of Texas’ so-called “bounty hunter” abortion ban, and he’s defended local officials who’ve been sued over the removal of public library books. Now, he’s litigating Deanda v.…

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Photo of person with laptop

What PA SB 22 Really Means for Pennsylvanians

The Trojan Horse. Brightly colored poisonous frogs. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. We see things in nice packages and assume there’s no danger. We are told legislation will protect teens’ mental health and assume that it will. The reality is…

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