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BDSM and Fetishism: Finally off the “Sick List”

Consensual sexual practices should not be medicalized. In fact, the medicalization of consensual sexual practices and sexual identities is an affront to human rights and sexual liberation, one that echoes a disturbing history that includes the categorization of “homosexuality” as…

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Centering Sexual Freedom on Human Rights Day

Happy Human Rights Day! Today marks the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , a document that identified the inalienable rights to which everyone is inherently entitled as a human being -- regardless of race, religion, sex, language,…

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Woodhull Speaks Out on BDSM Court Decision

The federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia recently ruled that American’s have no constitutional right to engage in consensual BDSM activity.  The decision in Doe v. George Mason University, et. al, should be a clarion call for advocates of…

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Even Moms Get Kinky. Even Dommes Get Sick.

Today marks three years since my mother's death, and I want to remember her by sharing with you a piece I read at BedPost Confessions at Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit this past August in Alexandria, VA. It is adapted from a chapter…

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Will Flibanserin Bring Focus to Female Sexuality?

Throughout history, female sexuality has rarely been taken seriously. It’s almost always compared to male sexuality—or worse, claimed to be in existence only to satisfy men’s sexual desire. We’ve come a long way from Freudian years. However, the creation of…

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Sharing Power: Buffy, Birthdays, and Books

Yesterday Sophie Gilbert published an essay at celebrating the 18th anniversary of the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She describes the ways in which Buffy represented a conventional teen hero (pretty, blond, athletic), and then all the many…

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