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Limiting inventory in adult stores

July 11, 2010

The new law in Baltimore requires that adult businesses have to “… scale back total adult inventory from 20 to 15 percent or relocate to a less visible location. The same standard applies to the establishment’s gross retail sales. The ban also prevents adult video stores, massage parlors and tattoo and body-piercing shops and any others that sell or display sexual paraphernalia and material from operating within 1,000 feet of many establishments — including churches, libraries, day care centers, homes or other family facilities. Current law sets the distance at 500 feet.”

Well, isn’t that just special?  Everyone knows that the purchase of sex toys leads to all kinds of terrible things – like added pleasure in sexual engagements (with yourself and others!).  And we certainly take note of how scared “they” are of body-piercing shops that they can”t allow them near a church.  Let’s remember this fear when “we” think we’re a minority.  I happen to believe that we are a majority, but even if we were a minority – look at how powerful “we” are!  Look at the fear we inspire in those who fear healthy sexuality.

Stand tall.  Your vibrator will love you for it.


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