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Woodhull Freedom Foundation is the only national human rights organization working full time to protect the fundamental human right to sexual freedom. Our work includes fighting censorship, eliminating discrimination based on gender or sexual identity or family form, and protecting the right to engage in consensual sexual activity and expression. We do this through advocacy, education, and coalition building.

Every other Wednesday, our bi-weekly newsletter aggregates seven articles central to Woodhull’s mission and work. Check out our archives below for our newsletters and articles.

photo of pills
The right to sex | What six weeks pregnant actually means
October 13, 2021
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
graphic drawing
The neuroscience of pleasure, Gestational mortality
August 4, 2021
The Boots Company PLC
July 21, 2021
Zhang Wei/China News Service
Monthly payments to trans people | Pathologizing asexuality | Fulton vs. City of Philadelphia
June 23, 2021
Zackary Drucker/The Gender Spectrum Collection
photo of flags
LGBTQIA + Pride Month | Criminalizing choice | Online sex work
June 9, 2021
Bryan R. Smith/Agence France-Presse
History of Leather | Abortion in TX
May 26, 2021
Anthony Tran/Unsplash
Being an autistic sex worker | Supporting teen parents
May 12, 2021
Salwan Georges/The Washington Post

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