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“Throughout U.S. history to the present day, repressive political and cultural forces across the ideological spectrum have demonized sexually themed expression with the stigmatizing term “pornography,” purveying myths and misconceptions about its alleged adverse impacts. The dangers actually arise not from the targeted expression itself but rather from the disinformation about it, which has fueled efforts to suppress valuable information and ideas, including literature by and about feminist and LGBTQ+ people, and even health- and life-saving information about reproductive options. “Fact Checked by Woodhull” is an essential antidote to this dangerous disinformation. It presents expert research and evidence about sexual expression, which refutes arguments for additional restrictions. As with all speech that some people dislike, the appropriate response is more speech. I dislike the too-prevalent truth-distorting expression about sexual expression, so I applaud the appropriate more-speech response to it: Fact Checked by Woodhull!” 

— Nadine Strossen, Author of Defending Pornography:  Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women’s Rights (NYU Classics edition with new Preface, 2024); former ACLU President (1991-2008)


“In recent years, SIECUS has monitored and actively fought against a troubling surge in deliberate attacks on sensible, age-appropriate, and medically sound sex education and a conflation between it and legal, adult-centered online sex work. Utilizing fear tactics and spreading misinformation, adversaries have resorted to making sensational and inaccurate allegations. SIECUS is excited to be able to use the resource “Fact Checked by Woodhull,”—a comprehensive repository of debunked myths accompanied by evidence-based rebuttals. In an age where reactionary responses often overshadow rational discourse, SIECUS is thrilled to share this evidence-driven resource among community members and advocates, equipping them to confront fear-mongering about sex education with factual information.” 

— Alison Macklin, MSW, Policy and Advocacy Director for SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change


“Fact Checked by Woodhull is a vital tool to help cut through the rampant misinformation about sexuality and gender online. Rarely a day goes by where I don’t see a pundit, journalist or politician repeating reactionary propaganda about sex, sexuality, gender or sex work. Sometimes, of course, that sharing of misinformation is strategic and purposeful, but too often it’s propagated unwittingly, with no one there to correct the record. We’re in the midst of a full-scale assault on sexual freedom, aided in part by legislation and legal decisions steeped in stigma, shame and pseudoscience. More than ever, we need the clear-eyed, fact-based analysis that only a respected organization like Woodhull can provide.”

— Mike Stabile, founder, Polari Media; journalist and documentary filmmaker


“Please keep up the great work. We just referenced your Fact Checked series alongside links to the work of Dr Eric Sprankle and several others in a recent update to one of our most popular articles on the website for SexTech n’ Chill. Love the work yall do!”

— Reuben Johnson, Co-founder Fly Media Productions and SexTech n’ Chill

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