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RBG, Victoria Woodhull & Celebrating Sexual Freedom Day

September 21, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, died on the eve of the Jewish New Year. Today, on Sexual Freedom Day 2020, we are celebrating her life and her memory.

Sexual Freedom Day celebrates Victoria Woodhull’s birthday. We can look back at the beginning and into the future to see the work for social justice, sexual freedom and full equality that Ms. Woodhull began carried on by the lifetime of activism by Justice Ginsburg.

Justice Ginsburg was a champion for personal autonomy, as was Victoria Woodhull. They both fought for equality and justice through-out their lives. Victoria Woodhull had once refused to work for “only” the right of women to vote, insisting that until women had full equality the right to vote would be a partial victory. Justice Ginsburg’s career included cases that expanded civil rights law and 14th amendment protections to women, undoing a dense network of laws that had codified sex discrimination in all areas of American life.

Where one began, another continued.

Much will be said about Justice Ginsburg in the coming days and years. For today, though, we want to express our gratitude for all Justice Ginsburg did that affirmed sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Justice Ginsburg will be missed. She held the light for us that showed us the path to freedom.

Let us, in her memory, promise one another that we will continue to carry that torch.

May her memory be for blessing.
May her memory be a movement.
May her memory be for revolution.
May we become a credit to her name.

Ricci Levy, CEO
Woodhull Freedom Foundation

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