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Chloe Nguyen
A headshot of Chloe Nguyen, an Asian cisgender female with short black hair.

Chloe Nguyen


We all have the right to pleasure, joy, and connection regardless of how our identities are used against us to deny us those very things.

Chloe Nguyen is a queer Vietnamese American cis woman whose work centers on women and LGBTQ+ health and family building. Her work with the Montrose Center’s women & trans programming focuses on creating affirming spaces to explore the complexities of carrying multiple marginalized identities and how we can show up for one another. These monthly workshops address themes of how to thrive at the intersection of marginalized identities, healthy sexuality, and the nuances of family building as queer and trans people of color. In addition to co-facilitating these workshops, Chloe is a trained doula and is working towards a career in midwifery with the long-term goal of creating radically inclusive healing spaces in the realm of sexual and reproductive wellness. She came to the work of LGBTQ+ community building as a way of finding belonging, and, as a queer daughter of the diaspora, it has been incredibly healing and life-giving to create the very spaces she craved. Her work now and for the rest of her life is to extend that space to those who need it too.

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