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Photograph of Jess Miers
Jess smiles openly to the camera. She has long dark hair and wears a black shirt.

Jess Miers


Jess Miers is Senior Counsel at Chamber of Progress. As a lawyer and technologist, Jess primarily focuses on the intersection of law and the Internet. She is widely considered an expert on U.S. intermediary liability law and has written, spoken, and taught extensively about topics such as speech and Section 230, content moderation, intellectual property, and cyber crime. Jess is also currently an advisor to the Trust & Safety Professional Association, and an industry mentor for Santa Clara Law’s Tech Edge J.D. certificate program.

Jess joins Chamber of Progress from Google where she was a Senior Government Affairs & Public Policy Analyst. At Google, Jess oversaw the state and federal content policy portfolios. In addition to monitoring emerging U.S. content policy, Jess also worked closely with Google’s Litigation teams to influence the courts on key online speech issues, many of which are currently pending U.S. Supreme Court review.

Before law school, Jess received her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from George Mason University. She spent four years as a Software Engineer for a defense contractor in Northern Virginia. Throughout law school, Jess interned at Twitter, TechFreedom, The UCLA Technology Law and Policy Institute, and Google Trust & Safety. She also founded the SCU Internet Law Student Organization, with the goal of encouraging students to explore and pursue careers in Internet law and policy.

Jess currently resides in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. When she’s not advocating for online speech, Jess enjoys climbing peaks and exploring the many beautiful California coastal trails with her husband and her dog.

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