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photograph of Kimberly Diei
Kimberly stands facing the camera, smiling openly. She wears a yellow long sleeved shirt and blue pants with orange shoes.

Kimberly Diei


Kimberly Diei is a dedicated pharmacist with a passion for patient care and advocacy. With extensive experience in the field, Kimberly has consistently demonstrated her commitment to ensuring the well-being of her patients and the integrity of the profession.

In addition to her work as a pharmacist, Kimberly is known for her courageous stance against The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, where she is currently engaged in a lawsuit alleging infringement upon her freedom of speech during her time as a pharmacy student. Her unwavering determination to uphold her rights and challenge institutional policies has earned her recognition as a champion of academic freedom.

Despite the challenges she faces, Kimberly remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice and the protection of individual rights within educational and professional settings. Her resilience and dedication serve as an inspiration to others in the pharmacy community and beyond, as she continues to fight for the principles she believes in while continuing to provide compassionate care to her patients.

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