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Kraig Pannell


Kraig Pannell has a vast and long history of being an LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS prevention advocate.  Kraig’s public health and health & human services experience includes the designing and implementation of the first HIV prevention program targeting Gay Men / MSM; the implementation of HIV prevention demonstration projects; statewide HIV prevention planning; HIV and LGBT healthcare and medical case management. 

He is a Fellow of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Association of Schools of Public Health Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership and has successfully completed a multi-year training and mentorship with the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

Kraig is currently the Director of the Office of LGBTQ Services for the New York State Department of Health. As such, he is responsible for the development of goals, objectives and implementation plans for LGBT Health, the development of program policy and standards, data management and the development of initiatives to address emerging needs within the LGBTQ communities for all  New York State. Mr. Pannell is presenting today to share his personal experiences and knowledge and not in his official capacity of his role with the New York State Department of Health.

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