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Liam Marcus
A heashot of Liam Marcus.

Liam Marcus


True sexual freedom does not only entail decriminalizing acts between consenting adults. It means changing our culture from the ground up.

Liam Marcus coaches individuals and couples on relationship, sex, and intimacy. He has also practiced sacred intimacy and surrogate partner therapy since training with IPSA in 1999. As a transmasculine sacred intimate, he loves creating spaces where trans and gender non-conforming people feel safe to explore their bodies and desires. He currently co-hosts a monthly queer/trans play party with Alex S. Morgan in both the DC area and in Oakland, CA. In his other life, he completed his B.A. at Yale and Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley, taught undergraduates at U.C. Berkeley and Hunter CUNY, and authored or co-authored 5 nonfiction books.

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