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Photo of Savannah Sly
A headshot of Savannah Sly. Savannah has shoulder lengthy brownish-red hair and blue eyes. She is smiling into the camera. She wears a black t-shirt and brown vest.

Savannah Sly


Savannah Sly is the co-director of New Moon Network and has been advocating for the rights and welfare of people in the sex trade since 2013. Speaking from lived and studied experience, Sly articulates the impacts of criminalization, surveillance, discrimination, and stigma on sex workers and uplifts holistic solutions to mitigate sex trade exploitation. Sly currently serves on the global steering committee of the Sex Work Donor Collaborative and also on the board of Woodhull Freedom Foundation, the only organization in the US dedicated to defending sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Sly has played a powerful convening role as a coalition organizer for ACLU-WA (Tech Equity Coalition) and numerous grassroots sex worker initiatives, including #OldProProject, SWOP-Seattle, and the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (board president 2015-17). Sly’s commentary is published in Brookings, Teen Vogue, and Psychology Today. Learn more at

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