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Photo of Shakun Sethi
Shakun is staring at the camera and smiling. She has black hair that is pulled back. She wears a floral shirt and hoop earrings.

Shakun Sethi


Shakun Sethi started her journey as the founder and CEO of Tickle.Life, building a custom pleasure tech-stack for the sexual well-being industry, with a vision to enhance discoverability. Tickle.Life endeavors to empower sex educators, wellness professionals, and content creators from the sexual well-being industry. Besides, her experience in crisis communications also helps her manage Tickle.Life efficiently.

Before incubating Tickle.Life, she kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Dizuna Communications Pvt, Ltd focusing on crisis communications, Public Relations, digital media, and providing robust IT services for eGovernment projects.

And it all took a turn with the experience and knowledge she garnered through her days at the world’s biggest PR firm, Edelman. Here, she handled multiple international corporations ranging from Wrigley to LinkedIn.

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