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A headshot of Sloan.



One of our biggest responsibilities is being honest with ourselves. Unleashing our deepest desires from the depths where society tried to bury them is a direct route to achieving sexual freedom. Sound that YAWP! #WeWillNotLGBTQuiet!

Sloan, aka “The Stud Finder” has been facilitating conversations with young people about healthy relationships, gender & sexuality, affirmative consent, sex positivity, and self-esteem since 2016. Their primary inspirations are rooted in a passion for the continued empowerment of marginalized communities in America through resistance to countless societal constructs. Committed to unpacking the influences of racism, sexism, and erotophobia, Sloan aims to make learning about sexuality above all things a comfortable, consensual, and exciting experience.

Sloan is currently studying at the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment with a focus on the intersections of gender & sexuality. Last summer, they conducted an informal study of over 400 stud4stud identified individuals in order to highlight the internalized homophobia within the LGBTQ community. They have been featured in Cosmo regarding their LGBTQ inclusive curriculum design and founded a non-profit called ClassDos to provide free hair services to local students of color. Sloan’s favorite part about teaching is empowering young people to seize control of their own sexual health and make choices that positively impact their self-image, promote self-care, and support individual growth and happiness. Their hobbies include offering hugs, giving compliments, and dancing in grocery aisles.

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