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Members of Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and more than 20 other organizations hold a "Stand Up for Women's Health" rally in supporting preventive health care and family planning services, including abortion in Washington April 7, 2011.      Photo credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Why Planned Parenthood's Funding is a Human Rights Issue

In a recent blog post, I talked about some ways to be an advocate for human rights. The overarching theme of these tips was to educate yourself in order to educate others. To keep up ...

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The United States is NOT Above Human Rights Law!

Woodhull Freedom Foundation, as Chair of the US Human Rights Network (USHRN) Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group, joins the Network in expressing, via this statement, our deep disappointment in the response of the ...

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Rentboy.com Latest Victim in the Ongoing War Against Sex

Woodhull opposes recent arrests This morning, federal and state law enforcement officials conducted a raid against Rentboy.com  and arrested seven people associated with the website, charging them with prostitution and money laundering.   In June, 2014, Woodhull ...

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Sex & Politics
Sex & Politics
Not what you think….

Instead of being a part of the mania of Giving Tuesday, I’m coming to you directly and just asking you to support the work of Woodhull by making a donation right now.  No bells and whistles; no urgent contests; no fancy emails. This is just me emailing you directly to ask for your support because…

by Ricci J. Levy
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Sex & the Law by Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.
Sex & the Law
The War on Porn Rebranded as the War on Sex Trafficking

On October 8, 2014, ThinkProgress.com declared the end to the War on Porn. The censors had lost and erotic media would live on.  One sign that the war had been lost was the fact that annual contributions to the well-known anti-erotica group, Morality in Media, had dwindled from over $1 million dollars in 2001 to just…

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Sex in the Public Square by Elizabeth Wood
Sex in the Public Square
Even Moms Get Kinky. Even Dommes Get Sick.

Today marks three years since my mother’s death, and I want to remember her by sharing with you a piece I read at BedPost Confessions at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit this past August in Alexandria, VA. It is adapted from a chapter of My Mother’s Cross: Cancer, Kink, Sex and Death, the memoir I’m writing about my mother’s…

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