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For love or money?

Lets pause for a moment of Marxist musing. When I talk to my students about the difference between “work” and “jobs,” we discuss the way that all productive activity can be understood as work, but that a job is only that…

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Never an adult moment?

When Will and I are on road trips, we will every now and then see interesting juxtapositions on billboards and road signs. One that I notice every year on our annual trip to Georgia is a billboard for “Adult Entertainment”…

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The Beauty of Older Women’s Bodies

The "ideal" woman's body is lithe, slim, strong without being bulky. It is covered in skin that is smooth, moist, unwrinkled, taut without being tight. That is the woman we are shown when we look for "beautiful women." And those…

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Who are our mothers’ lovers?

I just finished reading Pat MacEnulty and Tamara TItus's This is the Way We Say Goodbye (2011, Feminist Press). It is a beautiful collection of deeply personal essays by women, each addressing their role as caregiver at the end of…

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Ambivalence, Realism, and Holiday Cheer

Three interesting things happened this week. At first they seemed unrelated, but this morning they all bubbled up together and suddenly the fact that they are all happening basically at the same time seemed meaningful. First, my sister got interested…

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Patient Dominance

Yesterday marked one year since the day my mother left this world, and I spent much of the morning with my grief and my memories. In the afternoon, my partner and I headed out to Staten Island for an art…

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Everything is Sticky

Last week I proposed to write weekly previews of chapters that will make up this new project, My Mother's Cross. So far, I've shared previews of the introductory chapter called "Maternity Leave," and a chapter called "Hospital Domme". Today I'm…

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