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First Forbidden Words. Next, Forbidden People!

In yet another disastrous display of the true agenda of the trump administration seven words were listed as “forbidden” for use by the Center for Disease Control. Vulnerable, Entitlement, Diversity, Transgender, Fetus, Evidence-Based, Science-Based Take a moment to think about…

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If you did not understand intersectionality - the connection between all forms of oppression -  before, I hope you understand it now. Trump prevailed by appealing to white identity and racial fear. He summoned within the shrinking white electorate a…

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Eric Rofes

Remembering Eric Rofes

Today we pause, here at Woodhull, to remember Eric Rofes. Many people claim some memory of Eric and I am no different. Here at Woodhull we know that had it not been for Eric's passion, his vision, his beliefs, and…

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