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Dr. Franklin Edward Kameny

Once upon a time there was a person much like you or me.  This person didn’t have any super powers or special gifts from another world.  But this person knew something vital and very, very important. This person knew that…

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The end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

What an exciting experience to be on a White House Briefing call today with activists from around the country! Ted Bernhardt, Jeffrey Montgomery and I joined Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Deputy Director Brian…

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There is no “except” in “equality”

Yesterday the Washington Blade posted an article about Hilary Clinton's speech at a Pride rally. Also during her 14-minute speech, Clinton referenced the work the State Department has done in the past year to address LGBT issues overseas, including facilitating…

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Insulted and Confused

Let's pretend. Let's imagine that Mary hears that John is gay, and is having same-sex relationships while dating Susie. Mary tells Jane in hopes of getting the message to Susie. (Jane is a close friend of Susie's mom.) Mary believes…

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To “Out” or Not to “Out”

I recently posted in response to a recent thread on Bilerico that addressed one person's thoughts on why it's important to expose hypocritical "Family Values" individuals. My first thought, before I addressed this particular post, was that I have family…

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