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Recognizing Families

On January 1, 2023, AB 1041 took effect, marking a significant expansion of family and paid sick leave in California. This expansion is largely due to the law’s recognition of families beyond the white heteropatriarchal standards of family (that is,…

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Photo of a person at a protest.

The Entrapment and Harassment of LGTBQ People

Entrapment and harassment of gay and bi men, trans people, and sex workers by law enforcement continue to be widespread in all parts of the country. These civil and human rights violations devastate individuals and their families but rarely receive…

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The Respect for Marriage Act

On December 13, 2022, President Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act (“the Act”) into law, providing historic protections to interracial and LGBTQIA+ couples. This is certainly cause for celebration, but it also fails to fully enshrine those couples’ right…

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The Fight to Speak About S3x

In July 1953, agents from the Los Angeles postal inspector stormed the offices of ONE Magazine, a new ‘homophile’ publication, seizing all copies of their August issue. Postmaster Otto Oleson claimed the cover story on “Homosexual Marriage” was obscene and illegal to…

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