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Genderplayful Marketplace – an exciting new project by Sara Dopp

December 5, 2010

Sara Dopp, founder of Genderfork and longtime brilliant blogger and social media mobilizer extraordinaire has a very important new project and I want you to know about it. The idea is this: creating an online marketplace where people can sell clothing and accessories to each other and share ideas and tips about how to look the way they want to look without being constrained by department store fashions. The idea is particularly important for those of us who don’t find clothing that both represents our gender expressions and and also fits our bodies at the same time. In Sara’s words this would be:

a genderplayful, body-positive, fashion-savvy online marketplace. This would be a space where people sell to each other (like Ebay and Etsy), with a focused emphasis on solving all of our wardrobe problems. Together.

We’d pull in a mix of indie clothing designers, body-savvy tailors for custom alterations, small business clothing shops, crafters, and folks who want to share things from their closet. All with a celebratory and problem-solving emphasis on creating clothes that fit our genders, styles, and bodies.

If you prefer video explanations, I think you’ll enjoy this one:

I love community-driven solutions to real people’s actual problems. There are too many manufactured “solutions” to artificially constructed problems. Are you interested? Let Sara know. This can’t be done without evidence that people want and need it. Send an email to [email protected], check out the genderfork post about the marketplace, comment here or there, or make a video of your own explaining why you need this kind of marketplace.


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