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Video Girl Barbie Kneels for Easy Shooting

December 7, 2010

File under “Horror Movies I don’t Ever Want to See”. Mattel is marketing it’s new Barbie-as-concealed-video-camera by telling kids they can make movies “From Barbie’s point of view”. I don’t know what you did with your Barbies when you were a kid, but I don’t think I’d want to see movies shot from the point of view of my own. 

I’m also pretty sure that kids don’t need concealed video cameras. And while the FBI is apparently concerned that kids will be tricked by creepy grownups who use Video Girl Barbie to take surreptitious kiddie porn shots, I don’t think there is a girl within Mattel’s advertising reach who isn’t very much aware of the new doll. 

I watched the Mattel demo video (“About the doll”) and found this image, which I found troubling for the way that Mattel is again uncareful about the images it creates. Does anybody remember the “Math is hard!” debacle?


Am I the only one who sees Barbie on her knees ready to be shot? The hole in her chest isn’t helping me any (though I realize that is the camera lens). Again, maybe it’s just that I don’t want movies from the perspectives of my own childhood Barbies, but still 😉 



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