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What PA SB 22 Really Means for Pennsylvanians

The Trojan Horse. Brightly colored poisonous frogs. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. We see things in nice packages and assume there’s no danger. We are told legislation will protect teens’ mental health and assume that it will. The reality is…

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Screenshot from The Censorship of Sexual Freedom Program

The Censorship of Sexual Freedom

The restrictions on and censorship of sex, sexuality, and sexual expression have reached epic levels all over the US. From unconstitutional age verification bills to educational gag orders and shadowbanning or deleting of accounts on social media, there’s no denying…

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Screenshot of "NSFW Content on Reddit"

NSFW Content on Reddit with Dr. Val Webber

Over the past several years, online platforms have changed their attitudes about hosting explicit content on their sites and, in turn, changed their moderation policies. What happens to creators and workers relying on those platforms to market their businesses and…

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Porn as a Human Right

Michael McGrady, a journalist and commentator focused on the online porn business, is self-aware; he jokingly writes from the “let-your-freak-flag-fly” department. But he is serious in his argument that, put simply, accessing “consensually created and distributed online pornography is a…

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