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Screenshot of The Thin Line Between Obscenity and Censorship

The Thin Line Between Obscenity and Censorship

Obscenity. Prurient interest. Pornographic. These words and phrases are frequently used to justify censorship in the US. We’ve seen these terms pop up in state and federal legislation nationwide recently. What do they actually mean? We will take a short…

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Woodhull Celebrates Banned Books Week

In celebration of Banned Books Week, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with NYC Book Hoes to bring together a panel of distinguished guest speakers for an exciting, relevant conversation about intellectual freedom, freedom of…

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Photo of the dictionary.

Censorship in Mason City

In Mason City, Iowa, books are being pulled from library shelves, pursuant to Senate File 496. This new legislation prohibits instruction related to gender identity and sexual orientation to kindergarteners through grade six. Any book available to students must be…

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