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The end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

What an exciting experience to be on a White House Briefing call today with activists from around the country! Ted Bernhardt, Jeffrey Montgomery and I joined Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Deputy Director Brian…

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Is NBC Taking a Swing at Swingers?

NBC has been promoting tonight's episode of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit (SVU), "Bombshell", which apparently features the detective duo, Benson and Stabler, on an undercover assignment at a "swingers' club" to expose criminal activity. While we have not…

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Video Girl Barbie Kneels for Easy Shooting

File under "Horror Movies I don't Ever Want to See". Mattel is marketing it's new Barbie-as-concealed-video-camera by telling kids they can make movies "From Barbie's point of view". I don't know what you did with your Barbies when you were…

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Joint Public Interest and Industry Comments

The undersigned commenters represent a very broad coalition of public interest and industry groups that have divergent views on many of the issues raised in this proceeding, but that strongly agree on one point: the content filtering mandate proposed by…

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