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Letter of Support for New York State’s Immunity Law

February 20, 2024 Re: Woodhull Freedom Foundation Supports A.7471(Kelles)/ S.1966 (Sepulveda) Dear Legislator: The Woodhull Freedom Foundation supports A.7471/S.1966, legislation to enable victims and witnesses to a crime to be able to seek help without fear of being prosecuted for…

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Fact Check: Porn does Not Incite Violence

Pornography is often blamed for causing, instigating, or inspiring violence in (especially) men against (mainly) women. However, studies used to demonstrate causation consistently fail to establish any direct links. At most, studies show that those who may have violent or…

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Woodhull Participates in Day of Action in Albany, NY

Albany, NY - April 26, 2023. Woodhull Freedom Foundation joined allies from fifteen organizations for Immunity NY’s Day of Action Against Gender-Based Violence yesterday. Supporting S4266A/A5288A, a bill that would establish a task force on missing women who are black, indigenous, and…

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Sex Work Decriminalization in South Africa

Last month, South Africa announced that it intended to decriminalize sex work through publishing a draft bill, which is currently open for public comment. As a draft bill, decriminalization is not yet the law, but this marks an exciting step…

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