Diana Adams

Diana Adams

Diana Adams is a sexual civil rights attorney who believes that “family” extends beyond the traditional nuclear family of Mom, Dad, 2 kids, and a dog to include other loving, mutually supporting families. Other valid “non-traditional families” include grandparents raising grandkids, friends living together and sharing finances longterm, couples choosing not to marry, same-sex couples, polyamorous families, and intentional communities. All of these families deserve the ability to form stable legally binding ties, and deserve to have their rights represented in court when necessary.

Ms Adams is active in the marriage reform movement, fighting to unbundle our rights from marriage, so that single people, unmarried couples, polyamorous people, LGBTQ people who are not permitted to marry, and intentional communities are not legally disadvantaged in terms of their taxes or ability to form family ties. Diana believes that as fewer and fewer Americans each year fit into the traditional heterosexual married nuclear family model, our government needs to respond by ensuring that these individuals in our evolving society are not disadvantaged.

Ms Adams speaks nationally about legal alternatives to marriage and the future of family law as the face of the American family shifts. In 2009 and 2010 alone, she has spoken on these topics at venues including Yale Law School, New York Law School, the Manhattan LGBT Center, numerous national conferences on sexuality, Current TV, and MTV, and her work has been noted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and New York Magazine. This coverage is due in part to her outspokenness about her own nontraditional family. Ms Adams’ ability to speak boldly about her own life and about proposals for legal reform reflect an unflinching perseverance which she brings to advocacy on behalf of her clients.


Diana Adams is an attorney with an unparalleled Ivy League education and experience in family law practice. After majoring in Political Science at Yale University, focusing on women’s issues and antipoverty work, Ms. Adams attended Cornell Law School. At the Cornell Law, Ms. Adams specialized in feminist legal theory and progressive policy, and was a leader at the Law School Legal Aid Clinic, where Ms. Adams represented clients who could not afford an attorney in domestic violence and divorce cases and was advisor to other students who represented clients. Upon her graduation from Cornell Law, Ms. Adams received multiple awards for her dedication to civil rights and public service, including Most Promising Female Law Graduate from Cornell Law by the National Association of Women Lawyers and a national commendation for her dedicated service to lesbian gay bisexual and transgender legal rights.  Ms. Adams has served on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

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