Julie Gillis

Julie Gillis

Julie is an artist and activist focused on social justice, sexual rights, and  community. She  produces events that merge artistic expression and cultural change, and join the sacred to the secular.

She is a co-founder of Austin’s BedPost Confessions, Texas’s singular monthly storytelling series on sexuality. Julie has presented at  TEDx Great Hills, SXSW Interactive, MomentumCon, HATCH, Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit, and Testify  She’s emceed events throughout Texas and is a highly sought after host for  political and arts event in Austin.

Julie’s work focuses on creating and holding space for participants to grow their work. Her projects exemplify collaboration, creativity, and the intersection of civil engagement and art.

 Julie loves helping artists and activists bring their vision to life.  Julie is thrilled to support Woodhull in producing special events for the Summit which will be enjoyable, uplifting, and inspiring, 

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