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National Sexual Freedom Day is here!

September 23, 2010

National Sexual Freedom Day is in full force. We’re tweeting from the conference in DC, and will be posting all of the great content from our blog carnival here as well. Follow us on twitter at @VickiSez and @WoodhullFound.

Take action to bring human rights home in honor of Sexual Freedom Day. It’s as easy a a few clicks!

Sexual Freedom Day Blog Carnival:

Sexual Freedom Day by Essin Em at Sexuality Happens and Happy Sexual Freedom Day at

Sexual Freedom: Opportunity and Choice by Silver Dreams at Naked Confusion

How are YOU celebrating sexual freedom today? by Sarah Estrella at

National Sexual Freedom Day by Lilly at This Could be Dangerous

Sexual Freedom and Higher Education: Why Sex Weeks are a Good Idea by Elizabeth at Sex in the Public Square

National Sexual Freedom Day by Cadence Rayne at Ramblings of Cadence Rayne

In Honor of Sexual Freedom Day by Sinclair Sexsmith at Sugarbutch Chronicles

National Sexual Freedom Day by Ask Garnet

Americans Can Learn from Africans in the Fight for Sexual Freedom by David Castillo at The Bilerico Project

Human Rights + Sexual Rights = Sexual Freedom by Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice

A Montage of Sexual Freedom by Emerald at the Green Light District

Sexual Freedom Day by Hardy Haberman at Dungeon Diary

Why Sexual Freedom is For Everyone by Miss Maggie Mayhem

National Sexual Freedom Day by Bianca Laureano at Latino Sexuality

I didn’t mean for the first post to be about sex. by Ira Sass at Cloudy with a Chance of Glitter

sexual freedom by S. Elle at Fleur de Renaissance

Thanks to Bianca Laureano for promoting the blog carnival at VivirLatino.

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