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Speak Loud, Speak Proud: Empowering You to Resist Censorship

In the “Censoring of Sexual Freedom” programs, we’ve demonstrated the rampant nature of censorship and how it harms us and our communities. We always discuss how you can fight censorship, but our March program, Speak Loud, Speak Proud: Empowering You to Resist Censorship, is all about how you can craft strategies and get involved in anti-censorship advocacy. And who better to tell us how to do what needs to be done than our two panelists who have successfully led the fight against censorship and won! Join us as they share their knowledge with us. We’ll learn from them and then ask you to help us develop a campaign for your community. This program will give you front-row access to the experts! Don’t miss it!

This program WILL be interactive. Come prepared with your ideas, questions and enthusiasm!

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Screen shot of "Speak Loud, Speak Proud" panel

from 2024 Censorship Series

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