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August 25, 2015

Woodhull opposes recent arrests

This morning, federal and state law enforcement officials conducted a raid against  and arrested seven people associated with the website, charging them with prostitution and money laundering.  

In June, 2014, Woodhull made the following statement after the FBI raid on “This is a textbook example of prior restraint on speech. Seizure of a social networking forum such as, prior to any proof of guilt or opportunity to be heard, violates fundamental notions of due process, the presumption of innocence, and freedom of speech.  Additionally, this sets a dangerous precedent and no website will be safe if the government can shut it down based purely on objection to its content.”

Indeed no website is safe. And, as the government continues its relentless and often unconstitutional harassment of sites advertising legal adult services, more and more human rights are violated and more individuals are placed at risk.

Make no mistake, law enforcement officials are attacking those involved in the escort industry for exercising their constitutional rights to free association, free expression, and free assembly. Based on recent actions, it is clear that the Department of Justice and many lawmakers believe that escorts should NOT have the freedom to exercise these fundamental rights.

As noted, the charges against the individuals arrested include charges of prostitution. It is the position of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance that consensual prostitution should be decriminalized. The criminalization of prostitution interferes with sex workers’ fundamental right to bodily autonomy, to work and to be free from violence.

The impact of government actions in the ongoing War on Sex, including attacks on sites like, is the systematic elimination of constitutionally protected civil liberties and the infringement of human rights.  

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