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Strippers on Strike

August 24, 2022

Five months ago, dancers at the Star Garden strip club in North Hollywood, CA, went on strike. The impetus for the strike was on-site security’s refusal to make a customer who had recorded a video of a dancer without her consent comply with the no-phones policy. Like security, management failed to keep the dancers safe, allegedly firing a dancer who complained about the incident. Dancers presented a petition to the club’s owners. They demanded, above all else, safety at their workplace.

The safety issues extend beyond what the petition describes as “a disproportionate risk of violence, stalking, and harassment,” from “belligerently drunk men” and security’s inability to kick aggressive customers out without getting approval from an owner. The dancers’ complaint with California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cites over 30 violations, from broken glass to bed bugs to rats and roaches.

The Star Garden dancers intend to unionize. If successful, Star Garden will become the only unionized strip club in the U.S., according to Antonia Crane of Strippers United.

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. We at Woodhull Freedom Foundation support all the workers at Star Garden and their allies fighting to make that a reality. Please support Star Garden workers (their website is linked here) and allies by donating to their stripper action fund and signing their petition here.

A strip club is photographed next to a photograph of strippers on strike

A stage, pole, and giant heel are photographed under red light. The image to the right is a group of people who are on stripper strike. They are holding signs and are smiling for the camera. ()

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