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Allison Grossman PhD


Senior Policy Analyst

Allison (she/her) is a therapist and researcher, focusing on sexual freedom, women’s sexual empowerment and expression, and equitable policy. She has a private practice in Brooklyn, NY, where she helps clients identify and pursue their authentic sexual selves. Allison works closely with women seeking empowerment as partners, parents, and sexual beings. She believes an individual’s access to sexual autonomy is inherently informed by societal values and public policy. As such, she has spent much of her career studying work-family policy, environmental initiatives, and birthing justice as they relate to gender equality. She has PhD in Human Sexuality from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she researched the intersection of environmental toxins and reproductive justice. Allison also teaches graduate classes at Alfred University and holds a Masters degree in mental health counseling from Brooklyn University.

In 2021, Allison began working with Woodhull as a policy researcher. In this work, Allison investigates state and local policy that impact sexual freedom.

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