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Amanda Marcotte
A headshot of Amanda Marcotte, a white cisgender female with long red hair.

Amanda Marcotte


Amanda Marcotte is the briefly infamous former blogger for the John Edwards campaign, a podcaster and columnist for RH Reality Check, and the author of the book “It’s A Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide To Politically Inhospitable Environments”. She’s regularly invited to speak in public about new media and feminism, having done presentations for NOW, WAM!, Netroots Nation, and Campus Progress, amongst others. She grew up in the mountains of West Texas amongst the tribe of Redneckia, and has lived in Austin, TX since 1995 as part of the newer tribe of Librul Texana, a people who value local beers and optimism in the face of certain defeat. She lives with her boyfriend and two feline assistants.

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